Friday, November 29, 2013

Miami Gardens Police Ordered To Target Black Males In Stop And Frisk Internal Policy

Earl Tyree Sampson

A Florida police department investigated by media outlets for blatant civil rights violations of black males.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 29, 2013

Miami Gardens, Florida - MiamiCBS 4 News reported, an unidentified police officer in Miami Gardens has alleged that "city and police department leaders instructed officers to profile base on race...focus to black males between the ages 15-30." The officer said, it amounts to civil rights violations.
The latest information released by the officer comes days after Earl Tyree Sampson, 28, a convenience store clerk accused officers from the Miami Gardens Police Department of racial profiling and illegally stopping him and citing him 62 times. Most of the citations were for repeated trespassing at his place of employment, the 207 Quickstop. Sampson has been stopped and questioned 258 times within four years, has been searched 100 times and arrested and jailed 56 times on false criminal allegations.
In one video, Sampson goes out to discard garbage and returns inside. An officers follows Sampson inside the convenience store and arrested Sampson on a false charged. In an other store video, an officer goes inside to use the bathroom, but begins to snoop around in the back of the store without permission or a search warrant. 
All, but one of the cases have been dismissed. He was arrested once for drug possession and was convicted for a minor marijuana charged. 
Police officers have been caught on video surveillance camera at the convenience store stopping Sampson and searching him and even arresting him for bogus allegations. Its store owner, Alex Saleh, 36, installed 15 cameras after he got tired of officers coming into the store to harass Sampson and other customers who are black.
The video surveillance footage of officers harassing Sampson had been shown on national news outlets.
Saleh and Sampson in a joint federal lawsuit filing are suing Miami Gardens Police Chief Matthew Boyd, other officers including former officers, Mayor Oliver Gilbert and the city of Miami Gardens for engaging in racial profiling, harassment, illegal stops and searches.

Earl Tyree Sampson's multiple arrest record at following link (PDF):

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