Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Raza" Take Control Of Your Economic Spending Power To Influence Change, Today!

Immigrants, Hispanics and supporters need to finally take control of more than $2T of their spending and buying economic power to influence change in America.

November 10, 2013

Washington, D.C. - Six days left for the 113th U.S. House first session to end in 2013 and "no vote" will be taken for immigration reform, the GOP House leadership has confirmed. Acts of civil disobedience around the nation has made little progress, but plenty of headlines for the need of immigration reform, annual marches have run their course and upcoming elections will determine the leadership in politics and direction of the country. But don't despair, immigrants, Hispanics and supporters for immigration reform have the most powerful option within their grasps, which has not been put into action today. 
Hispanics have more than $2T of spending and buying economic power that has not been tapped to influence change in our country. It's time for a showdown, a 16-day economic shutdown launched throughout America by Immigrants, Hispanics and supporters will show that we finally have control of our economic spending power to manipulate change for our needs and future. 
"Spend less in places where they don't publicly support immigration reform and spend more at businesses that support reform and go on record they have contacted their federal legislators to support and bring an immigration reform bill to the floor for a vote." 
I approve this message, H. Nelson Goodson.

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