Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bail Set For Zimmerman, Must Not Possess Weapons And Keep Away From Scheibe

George Zimmerman

A judge set a $9,000 bail for Zimmerman who was charged with domestic aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 19, 2013

Apopka, FL - On Tuesday, a Florida judge set a $9,000 bail for George Zimmerman, 30, who was arrested and charged on Monday with domestic aggravated assault, domestic battery and criminal mischief in Seminole County. The Seminole County judge also ordered Zimmerman not to have contact with his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe who call authorities and accused him of domestic abuse. He was place on electronic monitoring and must not possess any weapons or ammunition. 
It was learned that last week, Zimmerman had attempted to choke Scheibe, but she failed to call police.
The Seminole County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) reported on Monday that at around 12:30 p.m., deputies responded to a 911 call about a disturbance in the 1300 block of Topfield Court in Apopka, at the home of George Zimmerman's girlfriend, Scheibe. Scheibe advised that she and George Zimmerman just had a verbal altercation that resulted in him breaking a glass table in the living room, retrieving a shotgun, and pointing it at her. Scheibe was able to get to the front of the house and call 911. As she approached the door, he ultimately pushed Scheibe out and locked the door behind her. He then barricaded the door with several pieces of small furniture.
Scheibe was not injured and no one else was at the home. When deputies arrived on scene they used her house key to enter and were able to push through the items behind the door. Zimmerman was not armed when deputies entered the home. He surrendered without further incident and was transported to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility (JEPCF) at approximately 1 p.m. He was charged with domestic battery, domestic aggravated assault and criminal mischief, according to the SCSO.  
Zimmerman was acquitted in July for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, 17.

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