Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Reported Dead, 18 Wounded At Cypress House Party In Texas

Mariah Boulden, Queric Richardson and Ariel Shepherd, aka, Arielle Oliviaa

Harris County Sheriff's Department arrested Stewart in connection with 20 partygoers being shot, including two killed and another teen suffered a broken leg at house party.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 10, 2013

Cypress, Texas - On Saturday, Harris County Sheriff's deputies responded to a mass shooting at a Houston suburb residence at 7318 Enhanted Creek Drive at 10:45 p.m. where a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram advertised birthday house party for Mariah Boulden, 18, was being held. When deputies arrived at the residence they found multiple teens wounded and called ambulances. The wounded teens were taken to five Houston area hospitals. One of the victims, Queric Richardson, 17, of Katy died at the scene. He was fatally shot multiple times by the suspects. His 16-year-old brother, Kenneth Guidry was also wounded as he tried to save Queric. Guidry didn't know until ten minutes later that he had been also shot, according to his father Lawrence Guidry, reported KTRK TV News 13. The second victim, Ariel Shepherd, aka, Arielle Oliviaa, 17, later died at a nearby hospital. Both deceased victims attended Morton Ranch High School.
Eighteen other victims suffered gunshot wounds from minor to critical, and one other teenager suffered a broken leg in the melee. The injured victims are expected to survive, according to Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.
Authorities were looking for a 18 and 21-year-old man in connection with the shootings. A $5,000 dollar reward was being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of both suspects.
The suspect, Randy Stewart, 18, apparently entered through the back way, after refusing to be search for weapons. Someone discharged his weapon in celebration while inside the party. Then the gunfire erupted inside. Boulden's mother and brother were at the party when the melee happened inside.
Stewart is charged with one felony count for aggravated assault resulting in death. He was taken into custody by authorities.
Multiple homicide and other charges are pending against Stewart. If convicted, Stewart is facing life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

On Monday, Randy Stewart, 18, was arrested and processed by the Harris County Sheriff's Office and charged with felony deadly aggravated assault in connection with a double homicide and 18 victims being injured by gunfire. Stewart's bail was set at $250,000 and remains in custody. Multiple charges are pending against Stewart. He could face life in prison or the death penalty.

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