Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vilash Files Lawsuit Against Banda Limón After She Was Fired For Indecent Behavior

Andrea Vilash

Vilash was video taped taking her G-string undergarment off in front of La Banda Limón during an interview inside a touring bus.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 6, 2013

Mexico - Andrea Vilash, the former star reporter for Paranoia TV in Mexico has filed a lawsuit for getting fired from her job after a video was loaded up in October on the Internet and YouTube showing her lifting her dress and taking of her G-string undergarment in front of 17 band members and then giving it to a band member to smell. She was terminated because of her indecent behavior during an interview.
Vilash even asked the band members, if they could handle her. The actual video was recorded in March, but was released in October, which went viral on the Internet.
She said, that she would take one piece at time for each answer to a question that was granted by the group.
The video shows band members grabbing her buttocks and lifted her dress as another other attempted to pull down her G-string. Vilash was finally persuaded to take off her undergarment while being video taped and cellphones cameras clicking on the action.

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