Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tennessee Woman Craving Mickey D's Runs Over Boyfriend With Pickup Truck

Crystal Greer Brook

Woman arrested by Kingsport police for taking boyfriend's pickup truck and running over him three times for not stopping at a McDonald's restaurant. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 5, 2013

Kingsport, Tennessee - Last Wednesday,  Police in Kingsport arrested Crystal Greer Brook, 33, of Kingsport just after midnight and charged her with aggravated assault for striking her live in boyfriend, Santiago Hernández, 41, with his 2002 S10 Chevrolet pickup truck multiple times. Kingsport Police Officer Dennis Hickman responded to an incident at the 400 block of W. Carters Valley Road just after midnight and found Hernández with abrasions to his arms and back and a torn clothing "consistent with being dragged on the pavement."
According to the police report, Francisco Hernández told police that Brook, Santiago and him had gone out drinking and then decided to stop at a restaurant to get something to eat. The choice of restaurant ignited an argument between Brook and Santiago who was driving. Santiago stopped at a different restaurant, which Brook didn't agree with. She wanted some McDonald's. 
Brook made her boyfriend stop the truck. While he got out and went to the front of the truck, Brook slided over to the driving wheel and accelerated striking and knocking Santiago Hernández over and then ran him over several more times. Brook denied that she ran over Santiago, but Francisco who accompanied them confirmed to police that Brook had been upset that Santiago didn't want to stop at Mickey D's to get something to eat.
She told Officer Hickman that Santiago had "jumped on top of the hood" and denied that she struck him with the pick-up truck. Officer Hickman determined that Brook was the aggressor and arrested her.
Santiago survived the incident and Brook ended up in jail without having any McDonald's. 
Officer Hickman gave Santiago who spoke little English a domestic violence form to fill out and drove him to a friend's house where he spent the night, according to the police report.
Both Brook and Santiago Hernández have a child together, according to Officer Hickman.

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