Friday, November 22, 2013

Local Reynosa Wrestler Laughs At VxT Facebook Alleging He Works For The Gulf Cartel

Fabian Reyes

Reyes adds comment after the administrator of Valor de Tamaulipas posted a photo of him with a mask holding a weapon and accused him of working for the Cartel del Golfo (Gulf Cartel).

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 22, 2013

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico - It's not the first time that the Facebook (FB) administrator of Valor de Tamaulipas (VxT) posted an alleged accusation of someone working or associated with a local cartel, which later ends up dead for mistaken identity attributed to a false allegation. VxT has gotten innocent people killed for making such allegations. The VxT was created to alert people around Reynosa and other municipalities about the criminal activity in the region, which many local maintstream media and reporters fail to report due to life threats and reprisals from criminal groups.
In this case, VxT on Friday posted a photo of a masked man holding a weapon with a tattoo in his right upper arm and only identified the man as a local wrestler that works for Commandant Tachas from the Gulf Cartel. The wrestler allegedly works as an enforcer, quota collector and who enages in extortion for the cartel, according to the VxT posting. VxT also wrote, that the Gulf Cartel sponsors wrestling matches and events.
He doesn't identify the masked man by name, but in a surprising twist, the masked man takes advantage of the free publicity and responded to VxT's post and laughs about it.
The masked man is Fabian Reyes from Houston, Texas, a local Reynosa wrestler. He laughs at the VxT FB posting and mocks the administrator for falsely accusing him of working for a local cartel. Reyes wrote, "jajajajajjajaajaaaa con el trajeeeee de hollowen jajajjaajja lo que asee la rasa pa quemar a unoo ta bien me dan publisisdaddd grtisssss haaa por cierto hoi peleoo en el gym de la uatt vallan a apoyarmeee". In English, "Laughing - wearing a Halloween costume - what our people do to burn (to falsely single out) someone and he also gives me free publicity - laughing - but true, today I'm wrestling at the UATT gym, come and support me," Reyes wrote.
Only time will tell, if Reyes survives the VxT deadly allegation that he works for the Gulf Cartel. It is also the first time that someone accused by VxT of working for a criminal organization openly posts a comment in VxT and challenges the VxT administrator for falsely accusing him of a criminal activity.
Will local authorities get involved in this unique and exclusive saga or will Reyes suddenly vanish without a trace? 
One thing for sure today, Reyes is laughing at VxT for the free publicity about his wrestling career.

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