Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rev. Decaminada Allegedly Embezzled $5.1M And Incurred $769M Debt At IDI Hospital

Franco Decaminada

IDI dermatological hospital declared bankrupt and 1,500 staff members had worked without pay for eight months.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 6, 2013

Rome, Italy - Catholic Priest Franco Decaminada was arrested on Thursday by Italian financial police for allegedly embezzling $5.1M and creating a $769M debt at a Rome IDI dermatological hospital run by the "Congregation for the Children of the Immaculate Conception" and a Tuscany villa he built without authority of the Vatican was also siezed. The hospital was recently declared bankrupt and 1,500 medical and non-medical staff members haven't been paid for eight months.
The Vatican is trying to work with the IDI employees, but no economic aid total has been made public. Pope Francis I has not released a statement about the Decaminada's embezzlement in the case that began when Pope Benedict XVI was at the Vatican.

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