Thursday, April 25, 2013

Milwaukee County Board Voted To Slash Salaries, Staff And Budget

Marina Dimitrijevic

The Milwaukee County Board voted 15-3 to slash their own salaries, staff and budget in an attempt to prevent the GOP controlled state legislature from cutting the Board in half.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 25, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday,  the Milwaukee County Board on a vote of 15-3 voted to slash their salaries by 20%, cut their staff and budget by 50% in an attempt to stop the Republican legislature from cutting the Board in half and drastically cutting their budget to one million dollars. They also agreed to cut the four year term to two years by 2016, provided the state legislature approves it.
The Board will conduct efficient audits throughout all County government levels and will appoint a mediator to address and enforce those efficiencies, according to Marina Dimitrijevic, Chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board.
"This is the kind of local reform our constituents have demanded," Dimitrijevic stated in a news release.
The Board operates on a $6.6 million annual budget, which includes salaries for 18 supervisors and 38 staffers.
On April 11, the State Assembly Government Operation Committee approved Assembly bill 85 that would cut Milwaukee County Supervisors salaries from $50,679 to $24,000 after 2016, cut the number of supervisors and would cut the County budget drastically allowing the County government to operate with a $1 million annual budget. The Republican bill would also increase power for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.
The bill was temporarily blocked in the legislature by Democrats until May. 

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