Saturday, April 6, 2013

22-year-old Sharon Volunteer Firefighter EMS Charged For Taking 15-year-old Girlfriend to Florida

Maxell D. Leibsla and Jessica Kollar

Leibsla, a Sharon Township Fire Department EMS volunteer expected in court on May 29 for a felony interstate charge for taking runaway child across stateline.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 6, 2013

Medina, Ohio - Maxell D. Leibsla, 22, of Montville Township is scheduled to be in court on May 29, for a felony charge involving a runaway 15-year-old girl who he took out of state. He was charged on February 14, for interference of custody, a misdemeanor, but turned into a felony when he took Jessica Kollar, 15, out of state. Leibsla, a Sharon Township Fire Department EMS volunteer was placed on administrative leave until the outcome of the case. If convicted, Leibsla is expected to be terminated as a Sharon Firefighter EMS volunteer. He also works for a private EMS service. A convicted felon is not allowed to have a EMS certification, according to Ohio state law.
Leibsla pleaded not guilty on February 29, to the felony charge.
Medina police located Kollar on February 2, who was reported missing since January 24. Police say Kollar, who was sought for a juvenile probation violation warrant had ran away with her boyfriend Leibsla and were staying in Lake Worth, Florida. Leibsla was charged by the Medina County District Attorney's Office with one felony count of interference with custody, a misdemeanor, but the charge turned into a felony when the runaway child was taken out of state, according to the Medina County grand jury indictment. Leibsla has not been charged with having sexual contact with a child in Ohio. No information has been released by Ohio or Florida authorities, if Kollar admitted to police of having a sexual relationship with Leibsla.
Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies took both Kollar and Leibsla into custody on February 2, and then were extradited back to Ohio a week apart of each other. Leibsla was taken back to Ohio on February 18, and Kollar a week before, according to Lt. Bob Starcher of the Medina Police Department. 
Both Kollar and Leibsla are still facing additional charges in Florida.

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