Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unique Piece Of Amber With Dragonfly Inside Offered On Chicago's Craigslist

Dragonfly trapped inside piece of amber.

September 22, 2012

Chicago, Illinois (HNNUSA) - A rare, genuine and unique piece of Amber with a Dragonfly trapped inside drawing interest from inquiring minds asking, if it is a genuine amber. YES, it's the real thing, the seller in Craigslist has confirmed. 
The piece had been posted numerous weeks in Chicago's Craigslist. The rare, awesome and brilliant piece of amber is a must to own by amber collectors and is just being offered for a mere $200k (PayPal).
The amber shows a desperate historic attempt of a dragonfly's last breaths in time by the air bubbles left trapped around it and other inclusions. The dragonfly was entombed for eternity in a nature casting of amber.
It is described in Craigslist as a unique piece of amber with a dragonfly captured inside by nature for a mere $200,000. The natural amber piece measures about 3 1/2″ in length, 2″ in width and 3/4″ in thickness, which comes with a heavy silver (925) bevel pendant. The silver content weights at 8 grams and the amber weight is 81.5 grams totaling 89.5 grams. The amber is yellow and brownish in nature color and includes other ojects inside. Only serious collectors, museums, art galleries and buyers should inquire.

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