Friday, September 14, 2012

Dane County Judge Restricts Governor Walker's Collective Bargaining Law To State Employees

Judge Colas ruled that Governor Walker's bargaining law that eliminates most collective bargaining rights for local, county and school employees is unconstitutional.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 14, 2012

Madison, Wisconsin - On Friday, Dane County Judge Juan Colas ruled that last year's passage of Governor Scott Walker's Act 10 law that eliminated most union collective bargaining rights was unconstitutional when it targeted local, county and school employees. Judge Colas' decision automatically returns all collective bargaining rights to those employees effected other than state workers. The law violated their Constitutional right to free speech, free association and equal representation under the law, according to Colas' decision.
State employees are only subject to Walker's bargaining law that restricts most collective bargaining rights under the state constitution, Judge Colas ruled.
Governor Walker plans to appeal Judge Colas ruling, which now became an upset for the Republican controlled legislature that passed it and a major victory for local, county and school employees. The case might very well end up in the state supreme court.

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