Monday, September 24, 2012

Public Safety Plan Proposed For Local Police To Patrol Milwaukee County Parks

Local police departments in Milwaukee County to get stipends for patrolling parks.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 24, 2012

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, both Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced a public safety plan that would eliminate more than $1.6 Million from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department budget and transfer those funds to the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) and other local police departments to patrol and respond to emergencies at county parks. The three year plan would take effect in 2013 and would also transfer the 911 system from the sheriff's department to MPD. Abele said, the proposal would save money, provide better public safety and coordination of 911 calls in the city and county. 
Abele confirmed, that he tried to shared the proposal with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., but Clarke hasn't responded. Clarke during a live interview with Charlie Sykes on 620 AM radio said, he was informed about the new public safety plan about fifteen minutes before Abele and Barrett made the proposal public.
County stipends of about $125,000 would be provided to local police departments in the county who already patrol and respond to county park emergencies. MPD would take over all of the county parks located within the city limits and would get $1.6 Million a year for patrolling parks and taking over the 911 county system.
The Milwaukee County Board and the Milwaukee Common Council would have to be approved the new safety plan.

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