Monday, February 27, 2012

Wisconsin Republican Governor Walker Won't Challenge Signatures From Recall Petitions

Governor Scott Walker

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GAB to decide by March 19, whether there are enough signatures to proceed with the Walker and Kleefisch recall election.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 27, 2012

Madison - On Monday, Governor Scott Walker (R) decided not to file a challenge on recall signature petitions. The Government Accountability Board has until March 19, to decide if there are 540,208 valid signatures to proceed with a Walker recall election.
Walker's campaign spokeswoman, Ciara Matthews reported that they had reviewed about 400,000 signatures, which had a 15% margin of errors. But that simply, the campaign had ran out of time, thus deciding not to file a challenge by 5:00 p.m. on Monday against the 1 million signatures in recall Walker petitions submitted by Democrats on January 17.
The Walker campaign had previously reported that they had at least 13,000 volunteers going through 152,000 pages of recall petitions looking for errors. Walker has raised up to $10 million in campaign funds, since the recall began.
Governor Walker was given 30 days to review the petitions and a judge later denied extra time that was needed to complete the process.
Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) is expected to follow as well and not challenge more than 850,000 recall petition signatures filed against her.
Democrats, grassroot organizations and state employees who lost union bargaining rights (Republican control legislature, including Walker eliminated union bargaining rights) are looking forward to oust Walker and Kleefisch from office.

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