Friday, February 3, 2012

Al-Mujaahid Won't Get Charged For Shooting At Armed Robber With Rifle At Aldi's Grocery Store

Dierre D. Cotton

Edyon M. Hibbler

Nazir al-Mujaahid

Al-Mujaahid said he had no choice, but to protect his wife, customers and everyone inside the store.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 3, 2012

Milwaukee - On early Friday, Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm announced, that Nazir al-Mujaahid, 35, who has a Conceal Carry Permit won't be charged for shooting at a robbery suspect armed with a rifle on Monday at a northside grocery store. Chisholm said, Al-Mujaahid acted in a proper manner, was justified to shoot at the suspect and had put himself in danger to protect his wife, customers and a cashier.
Al-Mujaahid went inside the Aldi's grocery store at the 7600 block of West Villard St. to shop. The store has a posted sign prohibiting conceal weapons.
Al-Mujaahid says, he didn't noticed the sign, but if he did, he would have gone shopping somewhere else. While at the store, a suspect holding a rifle walked in and pointed the gun at a cashier and began to yell at her. Al-Mujaahid decided to act by pulling out his conceal weapon in order to protect his wife and everyone inside. The robbery suspect saw Al-Mujaahid with a handgun and pointed the rifle at him. Al-Mujaahid reacted by firing shots at the suspect multiple times striking him twice, including a graze to right side of the forehead.
The suspect dropped the rifle, the money bag and fled with another man also involved in the robbery. Police later arrested both suspects at a local hospital who were seeking treatment. The rifle used by one of the suspects was recovered at the scene by police. Police determined that the rifle was unloaded.
The suspects were identified as Dierre D. Cotton, 20, and Edyon M. Hibbler, 21. They were charged for Aldi armed robbery on Friday, including several other robberies in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa.
Cotton was shot by Al-Mujaahid several times, including a grazed to his forehead. Cotton was charged with three counts of armed robbery and Hibbler with two counts of armed robbery, including each suspect was charged with additional counts for use of force and party to a crime. All charges are felony counts.
Al-Mujaahid says, that he had just received his Conceal Weapon Permit several weeks ago. Stores that have posted signs prohibiting conceal weapons are criminal friendly zones, according to Al-Mujaahid. Criminals don't need permits to carry weapons or follow signs that prohibit weapons.
Under the Conceal Carry state law, stores or businesses that post signs prohibiting conceal weapons are not exempt from liability, if someone gets shot inside.

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