Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Babeu Threatens Former Male Lover With Deportation, If Relationship Exposed

José Orozco

Sheriff Paul Babeu

Alleged illegal male immigrant had relationship with sheriff. Sheriff Babeu supports Arizona's state law SB 1070 giving authority for law enforcement to check legal status of suspects.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 19, 2012

Florence, Arizona - On Saturday, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, 43, confirmed that he is gay after Friday's reported scandal by the Phoenix New Times about accusations of threatening a 34-year-old ex-male lover with deportation, if he exposed their prior relationship. Babeu's ex-lover has been identified as José Orozco, which Babeu's attorney alleged is an illegal immigrant whose visa had expired. Babeu and his attorney apparently are challenging Orozco's legal status.
In a statement, "Yesterday, a tabloid article made a number of false allegations about me. Only one was true: I’m gay," Sheriff Babeu said Saturday.
Sheriff Babeu had been hiding his sexual preference for years and is currently making his bid for the U.S. Congress. He also quit as co-chair of the Arizona GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign when the allegations came to light about threatening to deport Orozco to Mexico. Orozco claims, he is in the U.S. with a multiple ten year visa and met Babeu in 2006 through a gay dot com website.
Babeu tried to keep the relationship quiet due to expected consequences that could follow, if constitutents discovered he was gay. But, Orozco decided to expose their prior relationship that was kept in the shadows after being threaten. Babeu denied he had ever threaten to deport Orozco.
Sheriff Babeu is a strong advocate for Arizona's SB 1070 immigration enforcement law and is a conservative republican.
Several semi-nude photos of Babeu appeared in a dating gay website suggesting he is currently looking for a relationship, but Babeu is saying, those photos were sent to an individual for private use and not to be posted on the Internet.
Babeu confirmed, that despite coming out of the closet as being gay, he will continue his quest and bid to become a U.S. Representative for the 4th Congressional District in the state of Arizona. His congressional bid campaign has been jilted and staffers are trying to salvage Babeu's campaign. Also, Babeu's attorney sent a legal letter to Orozco to stop him from accessing campaign computers. Babeu is alleging that Orozco had unauthorized access to his campaign computers and e-mail accounts.
Orozco's attorney says, that his client is now living in fear of being deported.

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