Thursday, February 2, 2012

Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke Concedes And Won't Challenge Next Week Layoffs Of 48 Deputies

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

Sheriff Clarke recinded last month's order for targeted deputies to be laid off to return to work.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 2, 2012

Milwaukee - On Thursday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. announced, that he won't challenge the decision by both Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge John Pocan and the state Employment Relations Commission to layoff 48 deputies by next Monday. The County Board approved the layoffs of 68 deputies, but within the last two months of 2011 about 20 deputies, including supervisors had retired reducing the pink slips notices of layoffs to only 48 deputies. Clarke recinded last December's notice for deputies to disregard pink slips and continue working through the New Year.
Sheriff Clarke confirmed, that deputies effected will continue to show up for work until the Milwaukee County Human Resources Department reissues the layoff pink slips.
The Milwaukee County Board and County Executive Chris Abele through a Corporation attorney filed a lawsuit in January 2012 to force Sheriff Clarke to layoff the deputies. Clarke failed to layoff deputies that received pink slips by December 31st and ignored 2012 budget actions taken by the County Board. The County Board and Abele approved $13 million in cuts from the 2012 sheriff's office to help offset the county deficit.
Currently, there are about 320 deputies in active duty, compared to year 2002, when the sheriff's department employed at least 692, according to the county.

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