Monday, February 13, 2012

Ortiz Files Ethics And Milwaukee County DA Complaints Against Supervisor West For Campaigning Violations

Sylvia Ortiz

Supervisor Peggy Romo West in Milwaukee County vehicle during Labor Day parade in 2011. West is wearing a Re-elect Peggy Romo West t-shirt and name tag.

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Supervisor West is accused by Ortiz of using County staff and vehicles to promote her re-election campaign.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 13, 2012

Milwaukee- On Monday, Sylvia Ortiz, candidate for 12th Milwaukee County Supervisor District filed an ethics complaint that could possibily result in criminal charges against current Supervisor Peggy Romo West. Ortiz also filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. Ortiz is requesting the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office to review West actions and documents detailing her postings for possible infractions of the law while in office.
Hispanic News Network USA (HNNUSA) tried to contact Supervisor West for comment concerning Ortiz' allegations od campaigning during Milwaukee County time, but West or her legislative aid weren't available. The front desk receptionist for Milwaukee County Supervisors said, West left no information where she could be found on Monday.
Ortiz is claiming that there is clear evidence, that West used County staff and vehicles to campaign, "also campaigning on her Campaign Facebook during standing committee meetings," and that an election staff worker from the Milwaukee County Election Commission took from the election office, a first bach of West's nomination papers home. The election commission staffer later notified West she didn't have sufficient signatures.
Ortiz stated in a news release on Friday, "I am outraged that Supervisor Peggy Romo West would use County staff and property to influence and gain unlawful advantages! The fact that she is on Facebook while serving on committees and legislation shows her lack of attention to her district."
Supervisor West's Twitter account is no longer in public view and secured (privatized) her tweets, Facebook still active after allegations of illegal acts were raised by Ortiz.
West has admitted to tweeting and posting while on the clock with County business, but doesn't believe she did anything illegal. She has blocked Ortiz and others not considered friends from viewing her Facebook postings.
Ortiz on Monday said, that Supervisor West posted on her Facebook that her laptop unexpectedly was infected with a virus and had to be replaced by her husband.
Ortiz released West's compiled documents totaling 183 pages of postings in social media and photos showing West with campaign t-shirt seating inside a Milwaukee County vehicle. West posted a photo of herself inside a County truck with a Re-elect West campaign t-shirt on September 6, 2011, according to Ortiz. Ortiz strongly believes, West violated state and County laws pretending to using County property for the purpose of campaigning.
Ortiz also explained that previously, West complained with the Milwaukee County DA about Ortiz' campaign literature focusing on West. West claimed that Ortiz failed to add who paid and authorized the literature as required by law. Ortiz confirmed, that a claimer was printed on the literature and the DA disregarded West's accusations concerning Ortiz.

Supervisor West and an employee for Milwaukee County in a County vehicle. West was invited by the employee to ride in the County vehicle during the 2011 Labor Day parade.

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