Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hispanics Move Forward In Several Milwaukee Aldermanic Districts To Face Incumbents In The April Election

(L-R) Angel Sánchez stopped to congratulate James Witkowiak in the south side and gave his endorsement.

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Former Milwaukee Alderman Angel Sánchez endorses James Witkowiak in the 12th Adermanic District for the April 3, General Election.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 21, 2012

Milwaukee - On Tuesday,  Primary election results showed that in the Milwaukee Aldermanic 8th District, Alderman Robert "Bob" Donovan, 55, (Incumbent) and Benjamin Juarez, 29, an educator will faceoff and in the 12th District, Alderman James "Jim" Witkowiak, 62, (Incumbent) and José Pérez, 43, a business owner will also faceoff and move on to the April 3, General Election.
Donovan has been an alderman for 12-years and Witkowiak for 17-years.
Witkowiak says, it was the lowest voter turnout he has ever experienced in years. He thanked all his supporters for coming out and making it count and looks forward to continue his quest to get re-elected on his track record. Former Alderman Angel Sánchez, 42, who ran in the 12th District came short from gaining enough votes to stay in the aldermanic race.
Sánchez said, that at least ther are about 65,000 residents, including 15,000 registered voters. It's unfortunate that about 3% or 1,123 voted in the 12th district.
Sánchez later gave his endorsement to Witkowiak.
Pérez on Tuesday night was celebrating his win with family members, which gave him a spot to face Witkowiak in the general election. Pérez said, that he was grateful for all the support the community has given him during the last several months. He is looking forward for the general election in April and says, he will continue to knock on doors to get the vote out. 
Both the 8th and 12th Aldermanic Districts have a majority Hispanic voting-age population and where the predominately Latino community resides in the south side.
The Milwaukee Election Commission said, that there were few problems with the new Wisconsin Voter ID Law.
In other election results, Carolina Maria Stark, an attorney and a Fire and Police Commissioner who happens to be a Latina will faceoff Judge Nelson Phillips III (Incumbent) in the Milwaukee Circuit Court Branch 17.
City of Sheboygan voters ousted Mayor Bob Ryan in a recall election and elected Terry Van Akkeren as Mayor. Akkeren will take office on March 15 and will finish Ryan's term, which ends in 2013. Ryan became the first Sheboygan Mayor to be recall.

Election results:

Milwaukee 8th Aldermanic District

100% of Precints reporting

Bob Donovan (I)       935   60%   
Benjamin Juarez       309   20% 
Jennifer Morales       252   16%
Ches Ordoñez              63     4%

12th Aldermanic District

100% Precints reporting

José Pérez                     550     49%
James Witkowiak (I)     399     36%
Angel Sanchez              174    15%

Milwaukee Circuit Court Branch 17

Carolina Maria Stark         19,221      35%
Nelson Phillips III (I)          18,514      34%
Christopher Lipscomb Sr.   16,775      31%

City of Sheboygan Mayor

Terry Van Akkeren         6,004       53%
Bob Ryan (I)                    5,247      47%

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