Saturday, February 11, 2012

Father Shoots Rebellious Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Post Criticizing Parents

Tommy Jordan

Laptop shot and won't be replaced by parents.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 11, 2012

Abemarle, North Carolina - On Wednesday, Tommy Jordon, a father of a rebellious 15-year-old daughter named Hannah decided to do a YouTube video showing him react to his daughther's disrespectful and vulgar post on Facebook criticizing parents. She begins with "To my parents, I'm not your damn slave and it's not my responsibility to clean up your shit." Hannah tried to block the post from her parents, but her father found it after he learned about it.
He read her post about complaining of doing house chores, throwing out the trash, washing dishes, making coffee and school work everyday, which actually doesn't give her enough time to sleep. Also, that she couldn't wait for him to get old and to see who will change his diaper, the post says.
"Your responsibilities include waking up on time and getting on the bus," the father says while smoking a cigarette. "You don’t have that hard a life, but you’re about to...Just for the record, whenever you're not grounded, whenever year that may be, you can have a new laptop, when you can buy a new latop." He concludes with, "Hope you enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, hope it was worth all this."
After his comments, he gets up and takes out his 45 Caliber pistol and shoots multiple hollow point rounds, including one for his wife into the laptop on the ground.
If Hannah wants a new laptop, she would have to pay for it. She also owes a dollar and some cents for each hollow point round he spent on the laptop, the father says.
Parents should not seat back and let their kids disrespect them, according to Jordon.
The video went viral on the Internet with more than 3.5 million views within 48 hours.
Local police have talked to Jordan and apparently the department sent their kudos and his daughther will have an interview with social services. Hannah is taking it very well and better than most of the people that posted comments criticizing him, Jordan says.

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