Sunday, February 5, 2012

Santa Maria Police Officer Covarrubia's Funeral Set For Monday in California

Officer Albert Covarrubias Jr.

Photo: Family/KSBY dot com

Officer Covarrubias killed by fellow officer while resisting arrest.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 5, 2012

Santa Maria, CA - The final respects for slain Santa Maria Police Officer Albert Covarrubias, 29, will be held on Monday beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Dudley Hoffman Funeral Home in Santa Maria, followed by burial at the local Santa Maria Cemetry, family members announced. Albert Covarrubias Sr., the officer's father confirmed to local media KSBY dot com, that no police officers will be allowed to attend Monday's funeral services.
Santa Maria Police Chief Danny Macagni hasn't confirmed, if he will try to attend the funeral service or stay away in due respect of the Covarrubias' family wishes banning any officer from the service. No city public elected official has confirmed either, if any of them will attempt to attend the funeral for the slain officer.
Officer Covarrubias was accused of several felonies, including having a sexual misconduct affair with a 17-year-old high school girl enrolled in the police department explorer program, according to the preliminary complaint. Chief Macagni said, Officer Covarrubias became a danger to himself and the victim, which led two police supervisors to try and take the officer into custody. They went to arrest Officer Covarrubias at a OWI checkpoint on early January 28, but the officer resisted, struggled with both supervisors and discharged his weapon.
Officer Matthew "Matt" Kline fatally shot Covarrubias once in the chest. He died at a local hospital. Kline was Covarrubias's partner at the OWI checkpoint and supposedly a best friend.
Kline remains in paid administrative leave pending the outcome of Officer Covarrubias' shooting death investigation.
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is investigating the fatal shooting. Covarrubias had worked for the department for four years and had recently been married. Officer Kline participated in Covarrubias' Las Vegas wedding last month.
The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce had their annual luncheon scheduled for next Wednesday to honor police officers, but announced that it had postponed the event. No date has been rescheduled yet, according to KSBY news.

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