Monday, January 23, 2012

Virginian Serial Butt Slasher Taken Into Custody In Peru

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Johnny D. Guillén Pimentel

Butt slashing suspect fled the U.S. to avoid prosecution.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 23, 2012

Lima, Peru - INTERPOL has confirmed the arrest of Johnny D. Guillén Pimentel, 40, aka, "Corta Nalgas or Butt Slasher" in Lima. Pimentel was taken into custody on January 13, in Peru, according to Jair Quedas, systems operator for INTERPOL in Peru. Pimentel fled the U.S. in December to avoid prosecution and arrived in Peru on December 9th. He moved twice around Lima to avoid detection, but was arrested by police at a commercial mall in the province of Callao.
The U.S. government has requested an extradition order for Pimentel, which could take up to three months to return Pimentel to the U.S. to face multiple felony charges.
The Fairfax Police Department in Virginia charged Pimentel with at least 10 felony counts for slashing the butts of at least 10 women ranging in their teen's to 20's. Six of the victims ranged in ages 15-17.
The butt slashing occured at several retail stores in Fairfax malls where Pimentel was able to distract them and then slashed their butts while bending over to pick up clothes causing severe cuts. One woman, suffered a 1 1/2 inch long cut in her buttocks  at a Forever 21 store on July 25, 2011, according to a police complaint.
The butt slashing assaults by Pimentel took place between February 2011 and July 2011. Victims told police, that they saw a man picking up fallen clothes from a rack and then they felt a pinch believing they were poked by one of the metal hangers. But later, they found that they were slashed in the buttocks.
Pimentel apparently acted on a fetish to inflict injury to young women at retail stores.

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