Sunday, January 8, 2012

Banned 2012 Year Book Student Photo From Durango High School Leads To Facebook Account Overload For Spies

An 18-year-old senior who is claiming censorship of her modern day photo in high school 2012 yearbook has her Facebook account swarming with thousands of friend requests from all over the world.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 8, 2012

Durango, Colorado - Over the weekend, Sydney Spies, 18, of Durango who is standing up for her right to pick her own modest senior year photo for the Durango High School yearbook has been swarmed with thousands of Facebook friend requests from all over the world to the brink of overload. After Spies' story spread about her photo was unfairly being censored from the Durango High School 2012 yearbook. The controversy has put Spies on the spotlight and could very well launch her modeling career.
On Monday, both Sydney and her mother will appear on the Today Show to talk about the matter.
Spies photo is a conservative look compared to today's teen magazine photos and other publications depicting teenagers on its covers and inside pages, including non-restrictive movies.
The five student editors for the year book were going to allow her photo to be published, but later decided to censor it because it was "inappropriate to use as her senior portrait," according to Spies. She believes that school administrators influenced the decision for student editors to censor the photo because it violated the school's dress code. But, the photo would be allowed to be published in the back section where students pay for messages, according to KDVR FOX31 News in Denver.
In the photo, Spies is wearing a yellow shirt with black shawl, which shows her bare shoulders and midsection. Her left arm covers part of the midsectition.
Spies expressed, it's a violation of freedom of expression. She called the photo artistic photography and shows her modeling, which she plans to pursue after graduating. Her mother, Miki Spies supports her daughter's photo choice.
Sydney met with her Durango High School Principal on Friday to discuss the matter, but no change of decision has been made to publish her senior photo in the yearbook, according to KDVR.
On Sunday, Miki Spies posted on her Facebook, "Sydney Spies can't get on her FB, seems to be in overload drive with mounting friend requests. She wanted me to thank you all for the overwhelming support and the inspiring messages that you are sending her. She's getting them by the dozens a minute from all over the world. She appreciates you SO much!!!" Miki says, they will appear on the Today Show at 7:30 a.m. on Monday.

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