Friday, January 6, 2012

England, Oneida Medical Examiner Arrested For Taking Body Part From Deceased Person To Train Cadaver Dog

Traci J. England

Oneida medical examiner also serves both Fond du Lac and Forest Counties.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 6, 2012

Rhinelander, Wisconsin - On Thursday, an Oneida County Circuit Court Reserve Judge Conrad Richards found there is probable cause that Traci J. England, 44, an Oneida County Medical Examiner committed a crime by taking human remains. England allegedly stole a piece of spine during an autopsy examination in Fond du Lac County from a deceased person who was a resident of Oneida County.
England and an Oneida County Sheriff deputy went to Fond du Lac for an autopsy, when authorities later discovered England had taken a piece of spine from the deceased person on Tuesday. England explained, that she was going to use the human part to train a cadaver dog to find body parts, the preliminary complaint revealed.
She was arrested on Wednesday and posted a $5,000 signature bond and remains free on bail. Judge Richards ordered England not to posses any human remains as a condition of bond.
The family of the deceased person have been notified concerning England's removal of a body part, without authorization.
England, is the Head Medical Examiner for Oneida County. Which Oneida County also contracts out its services to do medical examination investigations for both Fond du Lac County and Forest County, according to Oneida County District Attorney Michael Bloom.
England has not been charged pending the outcome of the investigation, but is expected back in court for alleged charges on January 30th. She is facing one felony count of misconduct in office and a misdeamenor theft charge.

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