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Seven Chicago Teenagers Charged In Videotape Beating And Robbery Of A 17-year-old Asian Student

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Raymond Palomino

Teens attacked Asian teen while videotaping aggravated assault.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 18, 2012

Chicago - On Wednesday, Chicago police confirmed the arrest of seven teenagers, three 15-year-old boys, two 16-year-old boys and a 15-year-old girl in connection with last Sunday's robbery and beating of a 17-year-old Asian student from Curie Metropolitan High School in an alley. The brutal attack by a gang of teens took place in the suburb of Bridgeport behind the James Ward Elementary School at the 2800 block of S. Princeton Ave. around 4:00 p.m., according to the police.
All of the teenagers wore masks and hoodies during the attack. The 15-year-old girl was able to lure the victim into the alley, in what police suspect was a planned attack. She videotaped the assault and then posted it on YouTube.
Six suspects, which five are Chinese were charged in a juvenile delinquency petition for one count each of aggravated assault (battery) and robbery, They were in juvenile court for a hearing, Judge Terrence Sharkey poseponed the hearing until next Tuesday to allow time to get Cantonese translators for the parents. The juveniles were released to their parents and Sharkey set a curfew of 8:00 p.m. and must maintain a C average grade.
The father of a 17-year-old teenager involved is a Cook County Sheriff deputy, Michael Palomino, 51, turned his son into police when he discovered his son's participation in the beating, according to Mike Sullivan, spokesman for the Chicago Police Department.
The alleged suspect, Raymond Palomino, 17, who was seen in the video without a mask or hoodie during the assault was charged as an adult. Palomino was charged with one count each of aggravated battery and robbery. Palomino appeared in court for a bond hearing on Wednesday. Judge Israel Desierto set a $100,000 bond for Palomino. Palomino unable to post bail remains at the Cook County Jail.
The criminal complaint states, that Palomino told the rest of the attackers to get the victim, once he was lured into the alley by the 15-year-old girl. Palomino is seen repeatedly beating the victim in the face with the victim's shoe. He took the victim's backpack and wallet. He then stole $180 dollars and disposed of the wallet in a nearby sewer. Palomino attends Kelly High School.
The video gang style attack, which went viral on the Internet showed the attackers body slam the victim several times to the ground in the snow, repeatedly kicked him on the face, held him in a chokehold several times and continued to punched him while saying profanities and calling the Asian teenager, "Nigger" as they brutally beat him. The victim is shown bleeding from the face.
Police don't believe the attack was racially motivated, eventhough the attackers were calling out the "N" word throughout the assault.
After more than several minutes of being beaten, the Asian teen was able to break away and flee. He was chased down the alley and the videotaping stops. They caught up with the victim after he ran as shown in the video. When they saw an adult in the area, they let the victim leave, according to the criminal complaint.
The Asian teenager was later treated at a local hospital for lacerations to the mouth and face, according to police.
The videotape was posted on YouTube and some comments from the attackers were also posted. Others who viewed the video posted comments and identified the attackers by name, which led Chicago police to identify and arrest all of the attackers, according to Sullivan.
Police say, the beating of the victim resulted from a prior unreported incident in October when the victim and other friends got into an altercation with Palomino and one of his friends. The aggravated assault happened in retaliation after months of ongoing negative comments between the two groups on the social network, according to investigators.

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