Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tip Led To The Arrest Of Five Suspects Robbing Motorists Along The Acapulco Highway Stretch In Mexico

(L-R) Isael Villanueva Vega, Flavio Villanueva Vega and Sergio Navarrete Atrisco

Photos: SSP

Highway robbers nabbed by federal police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 14, 2012

Tierra Colorada, Guerrero, México - The Mexican Federal Police (SSP) confirmed the arrest of five suspects inconnection with a series of armed robberies along the Acapulco highway stretch in Guerrero. A tip led to the arrest of five suspects from the "Beltrán Leyva" criminal organization on January 4th near the Ocotito-Rincón de la Vía highway interchange.
They were identified as Flavio Villanueva Vega, 31, aka, "El Peinetas," the alleged leader who coordinated and handled the extortion of drivers held during highway robberies. The other suspects included, Isael Villanueva Vega, 20, aka, "El Isa"; Sergio Navarrete Atrisco, 40, aka, "El Chejo"; Omar Villanueva Vega, 25, and José Tinoco Brito, 28, aka, "El Pepe." Both Atrisco and Brito were wounded during a confrontation near the Tierra Colorada township, when they fired at federal police. The suspects are facing charges for armed robbery, extortion and drug possession.
Federal police conficated three vehicles, six weapons, 60 bags of white powder believed to be cocaine, cell phones and a variety of documents.

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