Friday, January 20, 2012

New York Rival Gang Members Bragged About Murder On Twitter Which Led To Their Arrest

Gangs bragged about crimes on the social media.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 20, 2012

Brooklyn, New York - On Thursday, New York Police and other law enforcement agencies arrested 43 gang members from two rival gangs, the Waves and the Hood Starz. The gang members ranging from the age of 17 and older bragged about their murders, shootings and other crimes, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced.
They used Twitter to brag about their criminal acts by posting slang comments referring to their criminal acts. They were involved in 6 homicides, 32 robberies, 36 shootings and other crimes, according to Kelly.
Some of the gang members remained at large and those taken into custody are facing murder, assault, robbery and conspiracy charges.
The investigation began in 2010, when police began to notice the postings on Twitter and the rise of criminal acts by both groups.

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ralahinn1 said...

I hope they deport who ever is here illegally in this crowd, once they serve their time.