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Mexicanbilly Pointy Boots Style Spreading Tribal Fever In The U.S.

(L-R) Gabriel Rodríguez Flores, Saul Nicolás Coronado and Martin Hernández Rodríguez show off the pointy boots.

Photo: Edith Valle/VICE dot com

A growing boot style fashion trend hits the U.S.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 21, 2012

Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, Mexico - The Mexicanbilly pointy (exotic) boots originated in Matehuala, nearby municipalities and townships as a passtime and recreational musical dancing hobby by teenagers. Teenagers and adults with the boot making trade skill began to create boots with a stretched point to impress their friends, neighbors and girlfriends. The style took a while to catch, since the traditional boot point was short and stylist for decades and centuries.
The Mexicanbilly boots began to show up at outdoor rodeos and community events, which included dance contests. People at first, laughed at those wearing the strange looking pointy boots and the way it made people walk. Soon after, people from other areas began to pickup the style and competed against each other at rodeo contests and shows.
Today, the length of the pointy boot is limitless, as long as you can walk without sticking the point up someones behind, which would be considered disrespectful. Besides that, wearing the Mexicanbilly boots are an attention grabber and a conversation piece where ever you wear them at or exhibit them.
Tribal music was also created to allow those wearing the Mexicanbilly boots to show off their boots while dancing. The music was composed with a mixture of house, colombian cumbia, flutes and prehispanic culture from the mountainous region. The tribal dance included Aztec steps and other Mexican cultural style of dancing steps. A whole new choreography was born in Matehuala and it soon extended to rodeos around the region and has also been introduced in the U.S., especially in the Texas-Mexican bordertowns.
Since last year, tribal Mexicanbilly pointy boot contests have been flourishing in Texas and other parts of the U.S. where large Mexican populations reside. A mix of a long boot point and tribal music have attracted those with curiosity and those who are seeking a good laugh. Many people have been impressed and conquered by the tribal Mexicanbilly style.
Some who wear the Mexicanbilly pointy boots have even added LED lights to them and have adorn the boots with all types of flashy decorations. Competition, showing off and dancing for enjoyment are the essence of tribal dancing with the Mexicanbilly boots.  

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