Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Suburban Chicago Area Teen Along With Two Others Burned Alive On Christmas Eve In Michoacán By Suspects

Burned victims identified by the Mexican authorities in Michoacán.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 28, 2011

Chicago, Illinois - On Tuesday, more than 400 people, including relatives and friends attended a candle light vigil for Alexis Uriel Marrón, 18, at the Rolling Meadows High School in a suburb of Chicago. Marrón who lived in Rolling Meadows was reported killed over the weekend in Mexico.
Marrón's body was found along with the bodies of Raúl Tellez Vázquez, 21, and Juan Pedro Estrada Oseguera, 24, around 7:00 a.m. inside a trunk of a burned vehicle on Christmas Eve. The victims were discovered by residents of the Comupuato Ranch vecinity in the municipality of Ixtán de los Hervores who alerted authorities.
Mexican authorities say, Marrón, Vázquez and Oseguera, all from Quiringüicharo in the municipality of Ecuandureo from the state of Michoacán were burned alive. Vázquez lived in Los Angeles.
Relatives say, that the men were reported missing on Friday. Marrón was traveling to a city near Guadalajara to meet up with his recent girlfriend, Jazmin Reyes, 16, who he met through the Internet. The victims never made it to see Reyes.
A suspect or unknown suspects set fire to a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis while the victims were still alive in the trunk, according to the Michoacán Attorney General's Office. The vehicle was registered to Oseguera.
Marrón was visiting his grandmother since December 3rd in Mexico during the Holiday's.
No suspects have been arrested in the horrific triple homicide.
Marrón is the fourth U.S. citizen to be killed in Mexico during the Holiday's. On December 22, Veracruz gunmen killed three U.S. citizens with dual citizenship, María Sánchez Hernández, 39, of Fort Worth, Texas and two of her daughters, Karla, 19, and Christina, 13, during a bus armed robbery. They were visiting relatives in the area. One of their cousins was also killed, as well as several other passengers when the gunmen opened fire inside the bus, according to Mexican authorities.

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