Monday, December 5, 2011

Six Hispanics Including Three Women Circulating Nomination Papers To Get On Milwaukee Election Ballot

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Three southside incumbents, including a Hispanic Milwaukee County supervisor facing challengers. Another Hispanic incumbent in the northwest side is facing a challenger.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 5, 2011

Milwaukee - On December 1st, potential local candidates and incumbents began to legally circulate nomination papers and post campaign signs throughout Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee. At least seven Hispanic candidates, including three woman, which two of the candidates are incumbents officially began their campaigns to gather enough nomination signatures to get on the ballot for the February 21, 2012 Primary Election and the April 3, 2012 General Election.
Candidates circulating nomination papers for the 8th Adermanic District in the near Southside are Chez Ordoñez, Jennifer Morales, Benjamin Juarez who are hoping to unseat incumbent Alderman Bob Donovan who is running for re-election. Donovan has been the incumbent for 11 years and was first elected in 2000.
Candidates in the 12th Aldermanic District are José Pérez who is hoping to unseat incumbent Alderman James Witkowiak. Witkowiak has been an alderman for 17 years and was first elect in 1992. Pérez drew publicity for the past several weeks when Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) reported that dozens of Pérez campaign signs were posted in the district. Pérez would not comment after given the opportunity to do so by HNNUSA. Posting campaign signs before Dec. 1st is a campaign violation, according to Susan M. Edman, Executive Director for the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. Edman hasn't released any information, if Pérez would be penalized or any type of consequence will be adopted by the Commission. The Commission is reviewing the issue.
Sachin Chheda, Pérez' campaign manager as an act of civil disobedience challenged the rule by posting a Pérez sign and then reporting it to Edman to see what would actually happen. Chheda believes the sign posting prohibition before December 1st is unconstitutional and alleged that other candidates also posted signs. The Commission confirmed that the rule remains in effect. Chheda was recently re-elected as Chairman of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party.
Two Hispanic women, including an incumbent are also circulating nomination papers for the Milwaukee County Supervisor District 12th election. They are Sylvia Ortiz and incumbent Supervisor Peggy Romo West.
There's only one Hispanic elected Alderman in the City of Milwaukee. Robert W. Puente is the current Alderman for the northwest 9th District and is facing a challenger, Ray Harmon. Puente who was first elected in 2004 is running for re-election.
The 8th and 12th aldermanic districts are located in the predominately Hispanic community.

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