Sunday, December 18, 2011

Man Doused Elderly Woman With Flammable Liquid And Then Set Her On Fire In Brooklyn Elevator

The suspect on the video images was identified as Jerome Isaac.

Photos: NYPD

Jerome Isaac

Photo: AP

The suspect used to live with the mentally challenge elderly woman before he killed her.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 18, 2011

New York City, New York - On Saturday, New York Police released surveillance images of a man, who was later identified as Jerome Isaac, 47, suspected of dousing Dolores Gillespie, 73, with flammable liquid and setting her on fire. The deadly incident was caught by several surveillance cameras at a Brooklyn apartment, 203 Underhill Ave. where Gillespie had lived since the 1980's, according to police.
Gillespie was mentally challenged and who also has a son that is exceptional was heading to the fifth-floor where she lived. She got into the elevator after grocery shopping when Isaac dressed in blue with white gloves carrying a canister in his back like an exterminator began to spray Gillespie with a liquid and then cold-bloodedly set her on fire. He also threw a lid molotov cocktail inside the elevator.
Before dying, the video showed Gillespie crouched down in a corner of the elevator trying to protect herself with her hands. Police say, Isaac who used to live with Gillespie seemed to have been waiting for her. He also glued her apartment locks. After the brutal homicide, he fled through the stairs. Isaac lived nearby and also set fired to his apartment.
Neighbors later smelled smoke and reported a fire by the elevator. One person was also reported injured and investigators say, Gillespie was burned alive and died at the scene.
Police were able to release images of Isaac to the media.
On early Sunday, Isaac, smelling like gasoline walked into a police station near where Gillespie was killed and implicated himself in the homicide. Isaac admitted to police investigators that he set Gillespie on fire because she owed him a debt of $2,000 for prior work, which he did for Gillespie. Police took Isaac into custody and is facing charges for homicide and arson in Gillespie's death.

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