Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Malik Sues FHM India Magazine For Altering Cover Of Model

Model says, she only posed topless.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 6, 2011

India - Pakistani Model star Veena Malik has filed a $2 million lawsuit claiming FHM India magazine altered cover and depicted her nude, but she only posed topless, the New York Post reported.
The altered nude photo features Malik having her arms around her breasts with a political tattoo "ISI." The magazine seems to have altered her lower body by exposing bare legs and side profile without clothes.
FHM's editor Kabeer Sharma denies Malik's claim and says there's a video shoot of the production taken at the time to prove it. Malik's attorney Ayas Bilawala says, she was wearing underwear during all of the her photo shoots.
The magazine caused an uproar in India, Pakistan and the Muslim following in the country. Her father, Malik Muhammad Aslam  even disowned his daughter and is pushing for authorities to legally come down on her for embarrassing Pakistan and India. He took her off his mear inheritance.

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