Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Men Charged For Stealing Older Model Autos In Milwaukee And Selling Them For Scrap

Jeffrey A. Ciriacks

Quintin T. Hill

Auto theft ring leader hooked on cocaine and heroin drove him to steal autos to support addiction.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 11, 2011

Milwaukee - Six men including the ring leader were charged on Friday with one felony count of auto theft involving 44 stolen vehicles from the Milwaukee area, according to a criminal complaint. The suspects were identified as ring leader, Jeffrey A. Ciriacks, 43, of Saukville and five Milwaukee men, Leroy Barbee, 48; Eric M. Booker, 32; Quintin T. Hill, 24; Chavis Daniel Hoskin, 26, and Pierre Lamont Louis, 24.
Ciriacks and Hill remained at large, warrants issued and are being sought by police. The suspects worked with Ciriacks to remove older model autos from the street and private properties, lots and then sold them to Auto & Scrap Recyclers Inc., at the 3800 block of W. Mill Road.
The thefts occured between late August to early November, which investigators say Ciriacks had sold 99 autos to Auto & Scrap, according to the company's purchase records. At least 44 of those were reported stolen. Most of the autos were sold for $400 or $500 each and were valued around $2,000.
The suspects were paid from $10 to $100 for each auto they delivered to Ciriacks. Ciriacks operated the Lakeland Metal Processing and had a salvage license, according to the complaint.
The auto theft ring were first exposed to police when a man noticed a stolen 1999 Buick belonging to a relative being towed by a chevy truck. He followed the truck to the Auto & Scrap and then called police. Ciriacks was driving the truck when he was confronted by the man.
Ciriacks unhooked the Buick and left the scene. None of the stolen vehicles have been recovered, except the Buick.
Police say Ciriacks used the money from the auto scrapping to buy cocaine and heroin from two suspects involved in the thefts.

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