Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chheda Re-elected As Chairman Of The Milwaukee County Democratic Party

Sachin Chheda

Chheda managing Aldermanic 12th District Pérez campaign who last month illegally posted campaign signs in the near Southside.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 1, 2011

Milwaukee - Last Monday, Sachin Chheda was re-elected as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County and will serve his second term as the head of the party in the district. Chheda has a long history in supporting Democratic candidates, policy, and organizing. He started as a College Democrat at UW-Milwaukee, led the local campus effort to elect Bil Clinton and Al Gore in 1992, and went on to serve as President of the College Democrats of Wisconsin. of the College Democrats of Wisconsin.
Recently, Chheda became the campaign manager for potential candidate José Pérez in the Aldermanic 12th District. Peréz made Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) news locally when dozens of his campaign posters began to appear around the 12th Aldermanic District before December 1st.
Susan Edman, Executive Director for the City of Milwaukee Election Commission when contacted by HNNUSA had confirmed that posting election campaign posters before December 1st would be a violation of election rules. She fail short and didn't return information about what would be the penalty, if any for a campaign violation. Edman did admit, it's the first time a candidate had posted signs before the allowed time.
Grant F. Langley, the City of Milwaukee Attorney failed to return any information, when contacted by e-mail.
Chheda said, he officially challenged the election rule prohibiting posting up signs. But, Pérez failed to comment when given the opportunity by HNNUSA and even Chheda couldn't get Pérez to simply comment on the illegal activity.
In response, Chheda commented on Facebook that "It's not illegal to flout an unconstitutional rule. There's a reason, the rule isn't enforced. It's because it's unconstitutional...I'm waiting, either for them to enforce the rule on the sign at my house or affirm they will continue to not to. If they enforce it, I'll fight it in court. I challenged it as an individual, but yeah, I'm helping Perez, that's no secret.... Not to mention, even Witkowiak has signs up. As do Ortiz, Zielinski, Coggs, Pierce, Baldwin, Grady, Thomas, and the pro and anti Walker folks, at a minimum." Chheda said, that he acted in civil disobedience to prove a point.
"And as I said earlier, this rule has not been enforced because it's an unconstitutional rule. So call it civil disobedience. I've got a sign in my window, and I've reported it to the City. Let's see what they say," Chheda wrote on Facebook.
Chheda was contracted to run the Pérez campaign, but Chheda hasn't release information, if he is getting paid by the Pérez campaign or if he actually advised Pérez to post signs, despite currently being illegal to post before Dec. 1st.
When contacted, Sylvia Ortiz, a candidate for County Board for the 12th District said, she hasn't posted any signs before Dec. 1st, but will afterwards. 12th District Alderman James Witkowiak stated, one sign from a previous election fell between a window with two sheets of glass and couldn't be removed without breaking the window. He reported the sign to the Election Commission.
Even Peggy Romo West, the current Milwaukee County Supervisor for the 12th District stated in Facebook, "apparently in the case cited recently, the City Attorney has ruled that you are in violation to have ANY signage (window or otherwise) out before Dec. 1st."
Zielinski, Coggs, Pierce, Baldwin, Grady and Thomas could not be contacted to respond to Chheda's allegations.
On Thursday, nominations papers to get on the ballot began circulating and declared candidates can officially and legally can begin posting their campaign signs, according to Edman.

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