Thursday, December 8, 2011

Karnitz Charged With Felony Over Scribbling Off Names On Several Racall Governor Walker Petitions In West Bend

Jeffrey G. Karnitz

Criminal complaint states, Karnitz asked to sign recall petition and then began to scribble out names on several petitions, afterwards he fled.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 8, 2011

West Bend, Wisconsin - On Thursday, Jeffrey G. Karnitz, 30, was charged with one felony count for election fraud in Washington County. He was arrested over the weekend for defacing recall petitions. Karnitz faces at least 18 months in jail, two years supervision and up to $10,000 in fines, if convicted.
Since the incident, Karnitz has expressed regret for his intent to deface recall petitions.
The criminal complaint states, that on December 4, Karnitz asked a woman collecting signatures to recall Walker to sign the petition. He scribbled off some signatures from two petitions and the woman took the petitions back from Karnitz. He then fled the scene. The woman was able to get his license plate number and Karnitz was later arrested, according to West Bend Police.
In an unrelated case, Mary Jean Dezurik, 68, of Thorp was arrested last weekend in Chippewa Falls after she stopped in an area where recall Walker volunteers were collecting signatures. She got out of her vehicle and grabbed Recall Walker petitions and ripped them, according to Chippewa Falls Police Captain John Liddell. Dezurik got back into her vehicle and fled.
A volunteer was able to take her license plate number down and reported it to police. Chippewa Falls Police in the preliminary investigation indicated the petitions might have been blanked.
Dezurik is facing charges for criminal property damage and disorderly conduct. The case is being reviewed, according to the Chippewa County District Attorney's Office.

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