Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GOP's Fake Democrats Booted Out In Wisconsin's Primary Elections

All six fake Democrats lose in Tuesday's Primary elections.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 12, 2011

River Hills - On Tuesday, Democratic candidate Sandy Pasch defeated a GOP fake Democrat by 63% of the vote. Pasch advances to the August 9th General Election and is challenging incumbent State Senator Alberta Darling from River Hills in the 8th Senate District.
All six GOP's fake Democrats lose in Wisconsin's primary recall elections. ​Republican​s had ran as Democrats, ​but have been booted out by large voter turn out.
The following three Senate Democrats, Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch are facing recall elections, including six Senate Republicans, Alberta Darling, Randy Hopper, Robert Cowles, Luther Olsen, Sheila Harsdorf and Dan Kapanke.
The GOP encouraged for fake Democrat candidates to run in an effort to allow Republicans more time to campaign. The Republicans have been recall for voting to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state employees and passing Act 10. The Democrats are being recall for leaving the state for a month to stall a vote on Act 10, which eliminated union state employees right to engage in collective bargaining.
Governor Scott Walker (R) will also be facing a recall himself after he completes one year in office for signing Act 10 into law.

Primary Results:

Senate District 2, Democratic REPORTING 100%

Nancy Nusbaum (D)      14,200     65%
Otto Junkermann (D)        7,576     35%

Senate District 8, Democratic REPORTING 100%

Sandy Pasch (D)      20,915     64%
Gladys Huber (D)      11,660     36%

Senate District 10, Democratic REPORTING 100%

Shelly Moore (D)      17,496     54%
Isaac Weix (D)          14,990     46%

Senate District 14, Democratic REPORTING 100%

Fred Clark (D)    14,989     67%
Rol Church (D)      7,281     33%

Senate District 18, Democratic REPORTING 100%

Jessica King (D)       19,562     69%
John Buckstaff (D)    8,957      31%

Senate District 32, Democratic REPORTING 100%

Jennifer Shilling (D)     25,338    70%
James Smith (D)          10,664     30%

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