Friday, July 1, 2011

Democrats Introduced SB 137 Making Employers Ineligible For Tax Exemptions For Hiring Illegals In Wisconsin

State Senator Dave Hansen

Senate Bill 137 prevents employment for illegals by businesses seeking state contracts and loans.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 1, 2011

Madison - On Friday, Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.) blasted state Senate Democrats for introducing Senate Bill 137 this past week, which keeps state funds, contracts, loans and grants from employers who hire undocumented immigrants. The bill also provides penalties, including a $10,000 fine for each illegal worker hired and it was introduced in the Labor, Public Safety and Urban Affairs Senate committee. SB 137 is similar to 2009 Senate Bill 600 that failed to be taken up by the Senate in the last session.
The current Senate Bill 137 is favored by the Union Teamster Local 39 and the Wisconsin State Council of Carpenters, according to souces. SB 137 is sponsored by five State Senate Democrats, Dave Hansen (Author), Robert Wirch, Jon Erpenbach, Jim Holperin and Tim Carpenter and one State Representative Tony Staskunas (D) (Co-author).
Zamarripa in a press release criticized the introduction of SB 137 by Democratic legislators. SB 137 seeks to make companies that hire persons who are not legally in the United States ineligible for certain tax exemptions, governmental contracts, grants, and loans.
Zamarripa likened the divisiveness of SB 137 to the recently introduced Assembly Bill 173 (AB 173) by GOP Representative Don Pridemore. “AB 173, the Arizona copycat bill, and SB 137 only address a small portion of the complex issues surrounding immigration reform,” stated Zamarripa.
SB 137, if passed might withstand a federal legal challenge, but AB 173, if passed could be challenged and major provisions could be blocked by a federal court as it has in Arizona and other states, which passed similar bills.

Copy of SB 137 (PDF) at link:

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