Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wanted Suspect Fatally Shot In The Back By Milwaukee Police, Family Alleged

Family members of the wanted suspect killed by police alleged he was shot in the back multiple times and could not have pointed a gun at officers

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 20, 2010

Milwaukee - Last Friday, Jonathan Rodriguez-Muñiz, 21, was fatally shot by Milwaukee Police after he pointed a gun at them as they attempted to arrest him for outstanding warrants, according to a press release from the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD). Rodriguez-Muñiz died at the scene.
Family members said Saturday, Rodriguez-Muñiz's sister had identified the body and was told her brother had a bullet wound in the back of head, 1 bullet wound in the back, and two other bullet wounds in the buttocks. The family is now challenging police accounts of what actually happened. They are requesting an inquest investigation into his death, and alleged that Rodriguez-Muñiz could not have pointed the gun at the officers because he was shot multiple times in the back, contrary to police accounts.
The Milwaukee Coroner's Office has yet to confirm Rodriguez-Muñiz's family members allegations he had been shot in the back.
The MPD press release stated the incident happened at about 11 p.m. on Friday, March 19, 2010. Milwaukee Police received information that Rodriguez-Muñiz who was wanted on multiple warrants was at a residence in the 1500 block of S. 9th St. Police had received information that he had made statements to others indicating he would kill police, if they tried to arrest him.
As officers approached the house, Rodriguez-Muñiz ran from the house and officers pursued him on foot through the several yards in the South side neighborhood. At one point, Rodriguez-Muñiz fell and a gun fell from his person. He retrieved the gun and pointed it at officers. After refusing multiple commands from officers to drop the gun, and fearing for their safety and the safety of others in the area, the officers discharged their weapons fatally striking Rodriguez-Muñiz multiple times. A weapon was found nearby Rodriguez-Muñiz body.
Investigators say, the weapon was never fired at police. A witness says, he saw Rodriguez-Muñiz point the gun at police and he was then shot in the chest.
The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office will review the fatal shooting incident, according to police investigators.
Rodriguez-Muñiz has multiple outstanding warrants, including a felony warrant for a shooting, intimidation of a witness, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, and bail jumping.
The two officers who discharged their weapons were in uniform and are assigned to Police District 2. The officers, both male, are a 30-year-old with nearly seven years of service, and a 28-year-old with nearly 10 years of service (that includes his time as a Police Aide), according to the press release.
Both officers involved in Rodriguez-Muñiz death have been assigned to administrative duty, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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