Friday, March 26, 2010

Mexican Heroin King Smuggler Arrested

March 26, 2010

Mexico City, Mexico (HNNUSA) - Jose Antonio Medina, 36, aka "Don Pepe" or "Heroin King" was arrested by Mexican authorities this week, according to the Mexican Attorney's General Office. Medina gained his reputation by smuggling more than 440 pounds of heroin a month from Mexico to California, since 2007 totaling at least $12 million per month.
The U.S. government issued an arrest warrant and extradition for Medina last year.
Medina got his heroin from the southern state of Guerrero and transported it to Michoacan in stockpiles. In Michoacan, Medina worked with La Familia Cartel to help smuggle heroin and large quantities of methamphetamine.
Most of the smuggled drugs went through the U.S. border ports of entry.

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