Saturday, March 20, 2010

Largest H-D Sportster Made Of Solid Chocolate Found In Kenosha

Kenosha, WI (HNNUSA)- The largest Harley-Davidson solid chocolate Sportster motorcycle was found being exhibited near the Illinois-Wisconsin border on I-94. The chocolate bike is considered the biggest and sweetest motorcycle in the Badger state. H. Nelson Goodson discovered the bike on the second level of Uke's Harley-Davidson in Kenosha collecting dust.
"I just wondered to the upper level of Uke's to check out the clearance section on Saturday afternoon, then I saw the huge actual size of a Sportster motorcycle made of solid chocolate I've ever seen, and the aroma of chocolate actually made me want to take a bite out of it," Goodson said. Goodson who rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the co-founder of the Independent Riders (a motorcycle riding group) from Milwaukee. On second thought, "It might taste a little bitter, since it was made around May 2004 for the Burlington Annual ChocolateFest," Goodson added.
For those who have a sweet tooth, and are passing through the area in Wisconsin where the chocolate Bike is exhibited, you can visit the 2nd level of Uke's Kenosha Harley-Davidson at no cost to see. You might even get away with a sneak bite or lick it for a taste, but you might pay the consequences later and end up in the men's or ladies room all day, Lol.

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