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UWM SSOI 40th Anniversary Commemoration Committee Of The 1970 Takeover Of Chapman Hall Met To Organize Events, Banquet Set

Top photo by Tammy L. Rivera

Banquet set to honor 1970 UWM educational activists who gained access to educational opportunities for our community

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 12, 2010

Milwaukee - On Thursday, committee members of the UWM Spanish Speaking Outreach Institute (SSOI) 40th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the 1970 takeover of Chapman Hall met at their monthly meeting at United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS) Corporate Office to organize tentative events. During the meeting a logo was chosen to represent this year's 40th celebration of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee takeover of Chapman Hall on August 27, 1970, by the Latino community to gain access to higher education. The logo chosen won the first prize of $300, 2nd prize $200, and 3rd prize received $100, and logo will be used in the committee's programming materials, advertising, and marketing.
The committee has also filled positions in subcommittees to continue with different activities, fundraising, marketing, history, and ect. Tammy L. Rivera was selected as a consultant to administrate and handle ongoing business conducted by the committee members and project.
The steering committee in made of two Co-Chairs, Jesus Salas, and Ernesto Chacon. Members of the committee include, Carmen C. Cabrera, Gloria Gonzalez, Fela Salinas, Rose Landero-Ferrar, Graciela de la Cruz, Leticia Ledesma-Keltz, Rita Renteria Valenzuela, Dr. Enrique Figueroa, director of the Roberto Hernandez Center UWM formerly the SSOI, Lupe Martinez, Jose Ruano, Oscar Tovar, Salvador Sanchez, and H. Nelson Goodson.
The UWM Alumni and several UWM Latino student organizations have joined, and will work in conjunction with the event planning along with the 40th Anniversary of the SSOI Commemoration Committee. The committee plans to innitiate a kick-off community event within months.
The members decided to hold a banquet at the UWM Ballroom on September 18th, in honor of the educational activists who had taken part in 1970. The committee will also pay tribute to those who are no longer with us, but their commitment, success, and accomplishments have kept UWM committed to providing educational opportunities for the community and its children.
An massive invite by the committee to join in the upcomming celebrations and commemoration will be sent out city wide and especially in the South side of Milwaukee where the predominately Latino community resides. The committee will invite a cross section of businesses, organizations, elementary-high schools, and other entities to join in the commemoration and historic event.
The community at large will be able to initiate historic and educational disccussions, and dialogue as well as informative educational opportunities available today at the UW system, and especially UWM.
As Spring approaches, committee members are mobilizing to bring awareness of the 40th UWM Takeover Anniversary through an awareness campaign to reach students, UWM Alumni and entities in Milwaukee.
The next meeting will be held in April.

Link to UWM library website of chronicles of takeover and images included.

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Here's the ¡Adelante! MPTV TV 10 show with host Patricia Gomez that aired a segment on Jan. 18, 2010 of the 40th Anniversary and Commemoration of the September 18, 2010 event at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). It shows the banquet at the UWM Ballroom and the vintage news footage of the actual takeover of Chapman Hall and UWM on August 27, 1970. The Hispanic community marched, fought, struggled and took over UWM for higher education access. Their endeavers succeeded to over turn the discriminatory UWM policy that kept Latinos from enrolling at the university.  Video Link:

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