Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nazario Moreno "El Chayo" Leader Of The Caballeros Templarios Killed

Nazario Moreno González, aka, El Chayo

El Chayo was reported killed in 2010, but no proof was ever provided by former President Calderón's administration. He was actually alive until Sunday morning when he was fatally shot during a confrontation with Mexican Marines.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 9, 2014

Apatzingán, Michoacan, Mexico - On Sunday, Nazario Moreno González,  aka, "El Chayo, El Más Loco, or El Doctor" was reportedly killed in Naranjo de Chila in the municipality of La Aguililla during a confrontation with Mexican Marines. Monte Alejandro Rubido, the Federal Public Safety Chief confirmed that Moreno González was killed after he resisted arrest and fired upon Mexican Marines, who returned fire and fatally shot him. Also, Tomas Zeron, the chief of investigations for the Federal Attorney General's Office confirmed that fingerprints taken from the body of the suspected Caballeros Templarios druglord Moreno González positively identified him as El Chayo.
His body was taken to the state's forensic lab to identify the body as Moreno González.
El Chayo had been reported killed in December 2010 by the former President Felipe Calderón's administration. 
Moreno González was the founder of La Familia Michoacán and leader of the Caballeros Templarios. His body will also be checked by the Mexican federal Attorney General's Office newly formed forensic Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC - Agencia de Investigación Criminal) for DNA verification to see, if in fact it is Moreno González.  
Many druglords had been previously reported killed by goverment military forces, but later they have surfaced alive. 
Moreno González had a bounty of $30M pesos ($2.4M U.S.) by the Mexican government and a $5M dollar reward by the U.S. government. 
Previous reports have quoted various people that they had seen Moreno González alive, since he was reported killed in 2010. 
Mexican authorities are expected to confirm Moreno González death.

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