Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Civil Disobedience Acts And Protest March Targets Chicago ICE Facility

Luis Gutierrez and Elvira Arellano

Public officials, pastors, and Congressman Gutierrez plan protest and march to Chicago ICE facility that will end with civil disobedience and arrests.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 26, 2014

Chicago, Illinois - On Thursday, U.S. Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D), members of the clergy, pastors, various non-profit organizations, Elvira Arellano, immigration reform activists, families facing deportation,  undocumented parents and DREAMers will gather at the Federal Plaza on Dearborn and Jackson for a 2:00 p.m. rally for an impromptu immigration reform march and to demand for the Obama administration to stop deportations. At 3:00 p.m., the group will march to the U.S. ICE Headquarters, 101 Congress Blvd. where acts of civil disobedience will take place by multiple people. 
Elvira Lozano, who was recently granted a temporary visa told Univision Chicago that the protest was organized to let President Barack H. Obama know, it's time to extend his deferred action to undocumented parents as he did with DREAMers. Emma Lozano from the Familia Latina Unida organization also said, planned acts of civil disobedience will take place, which she plans to get arrested along with Congressman Gutierrez, clergy, public officials and others, according to Univision News in Chicago.
The protest and march is sponsored by The Coalition of Faith, Family, and the Next Generation, Familia Latina Unida/Sin Fronteras, la Conferencia del norte de Illinois de la Iglesia Metodista Unida, Asociación Latina de Empoderamiento de los Pastores (LEAP), Red de Oracion, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, (I.C.I.R.R.), United Neighborhood Organization (U.N.O), CAAAELII, and La Fuerza Juventud.

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