Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Man's Last Facebook Postings Ends With R.I.P.

Michael Anthony Richetti

Family and friends in Facebook are mourning the death of a man that was having issues with sleeping and for reasons only known to him, he decided to take his own life after posting about contemplating of doing do.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 18, 2014

Virginia Beach, Virginia - On Sunday, Michael Anthony Richetti, 43, of Moorestown, New Jersey ended his life at his residence in Virginia Beach after friends and family members attempted to plead with him and talk him out of taking his own life through Facebook. His Facebook (FB) page is still active for now, but FB users could get a sense that Richetti just gave up and took his own life.
It's not the first time Richetti has felt that he came to the end of his life, according to a family member. Richetti who posted photos of weed on his FB page had tried to reach out and finally was able to talk to a friend in the last hours of his life. He even thanked him for saving his life. But as hours passed and family and friends worried about his welfare, his FB postings had stopped and remained silent.
Many posted that they didn't know where he lived and one mentioned about calling 911. Police finally responded to Richetti's residence where his body was found. 
At around 2:12 p.m. on Sunday, Richetti posted, "Sometimes i wish i wasn't here anymore."  By 7:29 p.m., Richetti posted his last entry, "Thank you jim weaver for taking to me for hour's the best talk I've had in a long time you saved my life thank you brother."
On early Monday around 3:05 a.m.  Weaver posted, "I failed you Mike. I tried so hard to save you but I failed you. I'm so sorry man. R.I.P."
Dawn Richetti, a family member even posted, "Mike didn't start out wanting to be an addict, I don't ever recall him saying I want to be addicted to drugs or alcohol."
Brianna Richetti, Michael's daughter posted that she was shocked to know of his sudden death, but mentioned that at least he is no longer hurting. Brianna posted, "Really? On Facebook? I'm shocked. I have no words."
It's unfortunate Richetti ended his life at a young age, but his memory and brief reach out on FB allowed for family, friends and FB users to know that he lived, cared about others, had family and lived his life to the fullest. His family loved him and will dearly miss him. May he Rest In Peace!

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