Tuesday, March 25, 2014

House Of Deadly Rituals, Torture And Satanic Sacrifice Discovered In Nigeria

Photos courtesy of the Nigerian Tribune

Police rescued at least 15 people who were kidnapped, tortured, starved and destine to be sacrificed by Nigerian Satanic cult.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 25, 2014

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria - On Sunday, police raided a warehouse in the community of Soka in Ibadan and discovered 15 people who had been shackled in chains and had been kidnapped, tortured, starved and destine to be sacrificed by a Satanic cult practicing black magic. Authorities were alerted after a group who went out looking for a missing relative and came upon the warehouse. They heard people calling for help from inside and they managed to go in and came upon the live victims. 
The group reported the crime scene to police. When police responded to the scene, they came upon seven people wondering in a lot near a warehouse that had just been freed from chains, according to the Ibadan Sunday Nigerian Tribune. One of the victims died at the scene due to malnutrition and who was apparently starved by his captors.
Police raided the warehouse and found evidence more than a dozen people who were chained and showed signs of torture. In other sections of the warehouse and an adjacent building, they found multiple photo Id's, shoes, clothing and other items from alleged victims. They also found rotting bodies, skeletons and skulls of victims that had been sacrificed.
The House of Death was operated by a Satanic cult at a warehouse owned by Ponti Construction Company and an adjacent building owned by the Black Horse Plastic Company.
One survivinh victim was an immigration official who had been kidnapped and woman who had just given birth. Her baby was taken by her captors shortly after it was born. An ID found at the warehouse identified the holder as Rafiu Alamu and a First Bank ATM card identified the holder as Janet Montunrayo Lemo. Police haven't confirmed, if Alamu and Lemo were among the surviving victims.
Four security guards at the Black Horse Plastic Company were taken into custody. According to police, one surviving woman had been held captive since 2008 and others had been held between two years to seven months. One of the security guards, Abideen Akanmu confessed, that he was hired by someone named Gbadamosi who brought people to the warehouse. Akanmu claimed that he shaved the heads of those held captive and guarded them.
Police continue with the investigation and are looking for members of the Satanic cult.

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