Saturday, March 8, 2014

All 227 Passengers And 12 Crew Members Of The Malaysia Boeing 777-200 Have Perished

Vietnamese officials indicate that the missing Malaysia airlines Boeing 777-200 has crashed off the South China Sea and all passengers and its crew have perished.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 8, 2014

Vietnam - On Saturday, Vietnamese officials were indicating that the missing Malaysian airlines Boeing 777-200 commercial plane has crashed and all of its 227 and 12 crew members have perished. Authorities are searching the area where it was last reported to be at to locate the crash debris. 
The flight originated in Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing as it was flying through Vietnamese air space when it went missing.
The Malaysian airlines officials have not confirmed, if the crash site has been located. 
Authorities say that several oil slicks about 6 to 9 miles long have been spotted near the tip of Vietnam consistent with a plane crash. Also, China, Vietnam, U.S. and several other countries have launch a search and recovery effort to locate bodies and wreckage. Two of the passengers are believed to have used stolen passports, one from Italy and a Austrian. Both countries have confirmed citizens that were the actual passport assignees were not in the plane, indicating several unknown individuals were traveling with stolen passports. Three U.S. Citizens were among the missing and 14 different nationalities made up the passenger manifest list.

● China/Taiwan, 153 including infant/1

● Malaysia 38

● India 5

● Indonesia 7

● Australia 6

● France 4

● U.S.A. 3 including infant

● New Zealand 2

● Ukraine 2

● Canada 2

● Russian 1

● Italy 1

● Netherlands 1

● Austrian 1

 Malaysian air flight Boeing 777-200 missing passenger list

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