Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Milwaukee Aldermen Propose Cesar E. Chavez City Worker Optional Holiday

The Common Council's Finance and Personnel Committee will hear a proposal by five aldermen co-sponsoring a Cesar E. Chavez Day city worker optional holiday.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 25, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Alderman T. Anthony Zielinski announced that the Common Council's Finance and Personnel Committee on Wednesday will hear a proposed city ordinance (file 131630), which would allow city workers the option to annually take off on March 31st "as a holiday observing the birthday of Amercian labor and civil rights champion Cesar E. Chavez." Alderman Zielinski authored the ordinance and is co-sponsored by the following four Aldermen, José G. Pérez,  Robert "Bob" Donovan, Nik Kovak and Robert W. Puente.
The Finance and Personnel Committee will hear the proposed Chavez optional holiday ordinance around 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday in room 301-B at City Hall, 200 E. Wells Street in Milwaukee. 
Zielinski stated, that it's an excellent measure to honor Chavez's legacy with a Cesar E. Chavez Day "of a man who is a true hero to all working Americans...who help bring national attention to the unsafe and unfair working conditions of farm workers, and inspired millions of people of all races to join in the nonviolent movement for farm workers rights."

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