Sunday, March 2, 2014

$17.6K In Donations Raised For Delgado Who Saved Child From Alleged Kidnapper

Grady O'Brien, Jesus Delgado and Andron Gazarov

(Gazarov's photo courtesy of Wirednixon dot com)

More than $17.6K has been raised in donations for Delgado who has a daughter with a heart problem. Bail for kidnapper was raised to $450K.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 2, 2014

Westchester, CA - By Sunday, a fund created by Jennifer Veronica Vega Wiacek for Jesus Delgado, a T2 taco stand cook who on Wednesday is credited for saving Grady O'Brien,  4, from a kidnapper. Delgado also has a 4-year-old daughter with a heart condition and since saving O'Brien donations have been pouring in to help him with his daughter's medical bills. Vega Wiacek began with a goal to raise $5,000, but has so far raised more than $17,616 and the goal now has been set to $20,000.
Delgado on Wednesday from a taco stand kitchen jumped into action after he heard screams from a babysitter for help after Andron Gazarov, 33, of North Hollywood, punched her and took Grady while his other brother, Brendan O'Brien, 6, watched. Delgado ran across Manchester Blvd. after the babysitter who followed Gazarov and pointed to where he had taken O'Brien. Delgado ran for two blocks and caught up with Gazarov. He told Delgado, "it's not your problem, man. It's not your problem. Leave me alone with the kid." Delgado responded to Gazarov, "This is my problem. This is my problem, because why you take this kid?"
Delgado O'Brien from Gazarov and held him until police arrived and was arrested. 
Other school kids also helped Delgado including the 5-year-old's brother.
Witnesses say, Gazarov had been talking out loud earlier that he was from the CIA and had also exposed himself in public.
Gazarov was charged on Friday with one count each for kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, assault to cause great bodily harm and indecent exposure. If convicted, Gazarov is facing up to 12 years in prison.
Gazarov is being held on $450,000 bond. He is scheduled for an arraignment court hearing on March 3rd.

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