Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Univision Radio Cuts El Piolin de la Mañana From Its Spanish Speaking Programs Syndicated To 50 Stations

Eddie Sotelo, aka, "El Piolin de la Mañana" and Alberto Cortez

El Piolin cut from Univision Radio after ten years as a Spanish Speaking jockey.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 30, 2013

Los Angeles, CA - On July 22, Spanish Speaking radio host DJ Eddie Sotelo, 43, aka, "El Piolin de la Mañana" aired his last program from Univision KSCA 101.9 FM radio in Los Angeles. Sotelo's contract was terminated and no explanation from Univision was made, but a spokeswoman confirmed that he was no longer with Univision and would not comment beyond confirming his termination.
Univision also released the following statement including a comment from Sotelo. The Univision statement said, "On Monday, July 22, 2013, Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, longtime host of Univision's morning drive show, "Piolin por la Mañana," broadcast his final show on Univision Radio. After a ten-year run, Sotelo and Univision have agreed to part company."
"It's been a great run with Univision," said Sotelo, who was recently elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame and whose show was syndicated nationally on over 50 stations.
"We thank Eddie for the contributions that he has made while at Univision Radio," said Jose Valle, President of Univision Radio, Inc.
Sotelo has not made any further statements about his termination from Univision, but speculation from Univision sources indicate that low ratings and a personal matter not sanctioned by Univision led to his contract being terminated.
The L.A. Times reported that Sotelo was accused of sexual harassment by one his male co-workers. The co-worker was identified as Alberto "Beto" Cortez, a writer and producer who has worked with Sotelo for 10 years.
Cortez apparently wrote a letter to Univision executives on April 16, detailing and alleging that Sotelo had physically, sexually and emotionally harassed him for the last three years.
Univision executives knew about the continued sexual harassment, but failed to act since, Sotelo was popular and generating revenue for Univision.
Sotelo's attorney denied the allegations and is claiming an extortion attempt by Cortez, according to the L.A. Times.
In 1986, Sotelo at the age of 16 crossed the Mexican border into the U.S. without legal documents. He ended up in Santa Ana, California where his father worked. Sotelo is originally from Ocotlán, Jalisco.
Sotelo has not tweeted since July 20, according to his Twitter account.
Soleto in 2006 became the voice of the undocumented and was allowed by Univision executives to advocate for immigration reform and condemn Wisconsin's Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner's (R-WI) bill H.R. 4437 that was approved in 2005, but failed to pass the U.S. Senate. The bill criminalized undocumented immigrants and anyone that would help them.
Shortly after, Sotelo was barred from freely advocating for immigration reform while on the air due to Univision executives believing a loss of advertising dollars from anti-immigrant corporations would stop advertising with Univision. 

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