Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Third Suspect Charged In Home Invasion And Rape Case

Jose A. Adames, Julio Quiles-Guzman and Omar Rivera

Two of the suspects raped a woman while her husband was tied up in another room and their 4-year-old child was not hurt.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Julio 16, 2013

Milwaukee,  WI - The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office has charged a third suspect for the June 29 home invasion, armed robbery and rape of a woman at the 1900 block of W. Muskego Ave. while her husband was tied up in an upper floor room. Their 4-year-old child was not hurt, according to the criminal complaint.
Jose A. Adames, 23, was recently arrested and charged with five felonies that included one count of first-degree sexaul assault and party to a crime, two counts of armed robbery, one count of false imprisonment and one count of bail jumping. If convicted on all counts, Adames is facing up to 158 years in prison.
The two other suspects were also charge with similar felony counts. They were identified as Julio Quiles-Guzman, 23, and Omar Rivera, 27, all from Milwaukee. They are also facing up to 158 years (life) in prison, if convicted on all counts.
Rivera had recently pleaded guilty for an unrelated armed robbery and was out on bail, according to court records.
The complaint states, that on June 29, the three suspects wearing masks and gloves invaded an apartment on W. Muskego Ave. in Milwaukee's south side.
They believed a couple living in the apartment had over $40,000 in the bank. They managed to tie the husband up with duct tape and moved him to an upstairs room.  
One of the suspects forced the woman to go to an ATM to take out money. The victim was able to only take out $300 per day and the suspect took the victim back home. Two of the suspects took the woman to a bedroom. Where they pulled her shorts and underwear down, ordered her to perform sex acts and then raped her several times. Then they forced the victim again to go back to the ATM after midnight and was able to withdraw an additional $500.
The suspects also stole a television, cellphones, Social Security cards, credit cards, Nintendo games, the couple's vehicle, a pet hamster and other items. The vehicle was later  abandon and burned to destroy any fingerprints left by the suspects. 
Once the suspects fled the scene, the woman was able to free her hueband and they went to a neighbor to get help. Police were able to get a fingerprint left at a footboard by one of the suspects. 
The fingerprint check indicated that it belonged to Rivera. Police arrested Rivera at his residence and he later admitted to police that he was involved in the home invasion and robbery, but said he did not rape the woman, according to the criminal complaint.
Police also arrested Quiles-Guzman in connection with the crime and he also denied raping the victim. Police executed search warrants in both Rivera's and Quiles-Guzman's homes where they found stolen items from the home invasion. Several small packages of heroin were also recovered from Quiles-Guzman's place.

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